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Lawyer: Mohammed Abdullah AL-Sunbusi

Lawyer: Abdullah AL-Tkhais


Abdullah Ibn Wohaybi Hamdan Alwohaybi

Abd Alla Ibn Ali Ibn Saad Altahees

Ahmed Abd AlRaheem Gah AlNabi

Ismail Abd AlGhani Abd AlGadir

Zafer Ali Ali ALShahrani

Hisham Abdalziz ABD ALrahman AL-Homaide

Bader Muawwadh Aedh ALHarbi


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The United Law Firm (ULF) was founded in 1994 accordingto its registration certificate No. 323/12/78 dated 10/2/1416H. The Ulf's registration was concluded in accordance with the Vocational Companies Law and its Executive Regulations issued consecutively by the Royal Decree No. (M/4) 1412H., and the Minister of Commerce Resolution No. (41)1413H. The ULF has grown steadily since then to its current size.

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